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During the last two weeks of my two-year stay in Austin I got to work with these two amazing filmmakers, Illyana Lydia Elizabeth and Breanna Granzow.

They followed me during my last days in Austin and put together a short film for my poem, Troubadour. This is my love letter to the city that broke me and brought me back up onto my feet.

Learn more about Illyana and Breanna

The Road to NPS 2014 in Oakland (not going very far)

10532978_751986308178105_4635042541260819613_oBy all means my old ass should have done something like coach a team this year but then I went to the New Sh!t Show and won a slam and then made a team with these bad ass human beings and it’s like I couldn’t not be on a team again. These poets inspire me, they make me a better poet, and I couldn’t choose a better group of people to make one more go ’round with.

So we put a little book together. You want to get one? Look at who is in the book. You’re gonna want this one. All new unpublished poems. Good poems. I mean VERY good poems. Go to this link here and donate to our Indiegogo (but really you are buying a book)





Also we have shows coming up.

July 18th: Sam Sax’s book release at The New Shit Show. @Merchants of Reality 285 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 8pm

July 20th: New Shit Showcase @Arc Gallery 1246 Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103 7:30pm

July 23rd: New Shit Show Slam Team featured at the Berkeley Slam @The Starry Plough 3101 Shattuck, Berkeley, CA 8pm

And here are some other shows where you can catch me

The Lit Slam @Shelton Theatre 533 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 8pm

InsideStorytime (I’ll be doing this solo, reading from my book, AMULET!) @La Movida Wine Bar & Community Kitchen 3066 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110 7:30pm


This Sunday at the Brower Center in Berkeley!

This Sunday at the Brower Center in Berkeley!

I’m going to be part of this amazing show with Patricia Smith, Willie Perdomo, Lorna Dee Cervantes, and a whole bunch of poet friends I admire like Denise Jolly, Sonya Renee, Katelyn Lucas, Josh Healey, Raina Leon, and so many more! Please come, it’s going to be an amazing night! And the event is free! But you have to register at eventbrite or you might not get in.

Kearny Street Workshop

I am proud to announce that starting this week I will be the new Program Manager at Kearny Street Workshop. They, or rather I should get used to saying “we” now, are the oldest multi-disciplinary Asian American arts organization in the country with a long, storied history. I am very excited to be able to focus in on the fostering and development of Asian American artists in the Bay Area and hope to do the founders– Jim Dong, Lora Joh Foo, and Mike Chin– proud. I hope to honor the writers who have been published under Kearny Street Workshop press, particularly Al Robles, Jeff Tagami, and the man who was such a great source of support and mentoring during my undergrad years when I first decided to become a writer, Jaime Jacinto.

To come up as an Asian American artist in San Francisco during the late 90′s was an amazing experience for me: working with Tongue in a Mood at Bindlestiff Theatre, Teatro Ng Tanan, getting my feet wet in spoken word with other Filipino artists, the multitude of experiences I had while in the presence of other Asian American artists working in so many different disciplines. I was exposed to so much talent that helped shape and effect the artist I am today.
I understand the conditions I will be working in at this moment and that the San Francisco that exists now is not the San Francisco where I grew up as an artist. But I look forward to the chance to help create more spaces for Asian Americans to speak and communicate with each other face to face and through our various disciplines. I look forward to helping give The City a little bit of this back. A lot of us became artists because it was a means to have a voice in a culture and a society that actively seeks to silence you. So let’s shout together. Let’s make a big noise.

Much thanks to TJ Basa, Claire Light, Alex Wang, and Ben Needham. I can’t wait to work with all of you. And to Joyce Juan Manalo, thank you for the support you have given me now and especially during the time I was a young, dumb kid still learning my way around being a good artist and a good person. Best of luck to you.

5 Questions with David Winter

Originally posted on The Berkeley Slam!:

David Winter Author Photo

by Jason Bayani


Tonight our feature at the Berkeley Slam is David Winter. He’s been published in several lit journals and is currently an MFA candidate at THE Ohio State University. This is his first time featuring at the Berkeley Slam and we’re exciting to have him come through. So let’s get this 5 Questions thing going…

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Upcoming Events

April 17th: San Jose Museum of Art (San Jose, CA)
April 26th: Bayanihan Center (San Francisco, CA)
April 26th: Versus Odds @La Pena Cultural Center (Berkeley, CA)
April 27th: Sweet Adeline Bakeshop (Berkeley, CA)
June 29th: Brower Center with Patricia Smith, Willie Perdomo, Sonya Renee and TOO MANY OTHER DOPE POETS!! (Berkeley, CA)

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